Aalborg University

Aalborg University Hospital

Aalborg, Denmark

Department of Oncology, Pulmonary Medicine, Thoracic Surgery, Pathology, Occupational Medicine

link: http://www.medicine.aau.dk/


Prof Ursula Falkmer, MD PhD
Vasiliki Panou, MD
Vuytas Nekrasas, MD
Prof Mogens Vyberg, MD PhD
Christos Meristoudis, MD
Prof Øyvind Omland

Until 2013, Aalborg Hospital was part of Århus University Hospital but it now technically a university hospital with connections to Aalborg University. Aalborg Hospital handles pre- and postgraduate education and research at an international level. Employees at Aalborg Hospital publish almost 500 scientific articles annually and participate in projects and networks financed by national and international funds, including the EU’s 7th Framework Programme.

The Department for University Hospital Affairs provides a number of services and support functions for research and education. These include research management, financing, fundraising, communication/knowledge sharing, patenting, cooperation agreements, library functions, pre- and postgraduate education, skills training and innovation. The department is located at the Research House (Aalborg Hospital Science and Innovation Center), where a number of research centres are also located along with facilities for education and innovation.

The Faculty of Medicine shares a joint administration with the Faculty of Engineering and Science at the university.