Uppsala University

Uppsala, Sweden

Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, IGP
Rudbeck Laboratory

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Prof Erik Larsson

Quality, knowledge, and creativity since 1477. World-class research and first-rate education of global use to society, business, and culture.

Uppsala University’s goals:

  • Conduct research and provide education of the highest quality.
  • Be broad-minded and open to change.
  • Take an active role in global society and promote development and innovation.
  • Stengthen its position as a world-leading university and contribute to a better world.

Uppsala University is the oldest university in the Nordic countries, with a living cultural environment and fantastic student life. There are 40,000 students here, and they are seen, heard, and noticed everywhere. World-class research and high quality education pursued here benefit society and business on a global level. The University is characterized by diversity and breadth, with international frontline research at nine faculties and limitless educational offerings at Bachelors and Masters levels. It is one the world’s highest ranked universities. Carl Linnaeus, Anders Celsius, and Olof Rudbeck are some of the famous historical Uppsala figures.

Our department conducts advanced research and education in areas such as clinical immunology, medical genetics and genomics, pathology, oncology, vascular biology and medical radiation sciences.

One of the large ongoing projects is the Human Protein Atlas (http://www.proteinatlas.org/). In November 2014, an almost complete map of all human proteins. In a recent paper in the journal Science the Human Protein Atlas researchers now present the first major analysis based on the Human Protein Atlas, showing the localization of the proteins in tissues and organs in the body. The Human Protein Atlas project publishes major analysis of the human proteins .