HUNT Research Centre, Levanger, Norway.
Cancer-Biomarkers in HUNT: From clinical samples to biomarkers.
Welcome to the Cancer-Biomarkers in HUNT!

Lung cancer takes more lives than any cancer type. Together with mesothelioma they constitute a global epidemic induced by tobacco smoke and asbestos. The main reason for the low survival rate is late diagnosis. A blood test that can tell cancer in the early and even late stages do not exist.

The Cancer-Biomarkers in HUNT is a discovery study of the earliest molecular signals in the cell-free blood, the serum.

The Cancer-Biomarkers in HUNT is an international consortium of five universities in five countries that collaborate to improve the survival of lung cancer and mesothelioma through innovative early biomarker discovery. Our aim and hope is finally to develop a blood test for screening of smokers and asbestos exposed individuals to detect and cure these cancers.

Δηλώστε το παρελθόν, διαγνώστε το παρόν, προβλέψτε το μέλλον.

Ιπποκράτης, 460 – 370 ΠΧ

"Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future."

Hippocrates, 460 – 370 BC

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